Who is Hennes-Johnson Equipment Company?

Modern roof systems that specify cold process asphalt and elastomeric coatings are at the cutting edge of today's trend toward an improved global environment. Building owners, government leaders, and environmentally concious consumers are focused on reducing our carbon footprint with the help of these highly sustainable, energy saving, and environmentally friendly systems.

Complying with standards now set by Federal and State environmental agencies, material manufacturers have developed a new generation of coatings and adhesives formulated with reduced amounts of the volatile organic compounds believed linked to low-level smog and ozone depletion. These ultra high solids and VOC compliant materials demand a much higher level of efficiency from the spray equipment used for their proper application.

Meeting the challenges of today's new roof coating and modified adhesive spray market is what we do at Hennes-Johnson. We are 100% committed to provide the professional roofing contractor with the highest quality spray equipment at an affordable price and back it with customer service and product knowledge that is next to none.

Call 1-800-249-1349 to locate the Hennes-Johnson Dealer and Roofing Equipment Spray Specialist nearest you. 

The Importance of Direct Immersion?

A Direct Immersion (or D.I.) sprayer is engineered to allow the pump inlet to be submerged directly into the material reservoir so that inbound fluid travel to the pump is at the shortest distance possible. This design advantage yields maximum pump draw potential and provides the spray system with the ability to obtain 100% efficiency when applying today's high solid / low solvent formulated roof adhesives and coatings.

To further explain the importance of direct immersion, ask yourself this question; When was the last time you saw house paint displayed at a roofing convention trade show? There's a good chance your answer was "never", so then why would anyone consider a machine designed for spraying paint to also be a good machine for spraying high viscosity roof coatings or cutback asphalt products formulated with fibers and thick fillers. The short answer is that they are clearly never the best choice because a sprayer with features designed to benefit a painting contractor can quickly become a nightmare for the professional roofing contractor applying products formulated specifically for his trade.

One example of a feature common to commercial sprayers designed for paint application is the pump inlet siphon hose. This assembly consists of a long flexible hose and a rigid inlet tube with screen that is dropped into the paint pail and through the action of fluid displacement (siphoning) feeds the pump with paint to be sprayed. (If you've ever transferred a liquid from one container to another using a short hose and the power of your lungs to start the siphoning action, you've witnessed firsthand the force of (or lack of it) fluid displacement). Now imagine the difficulties added by attempting to draw a much thicker elastomeric coating or a heavily fibered asphalt adhesive using the same low level fluid displacement action. The difference is significant and the lack of efficiency caused by the use of a siphon hose assembly results in a "starved" pump that quickly responds with spurting, voids at the tip, pulsing spray fans, and frequent loss of prime.

Direct Immersion pumps eliminate the siphon assembly and allow the system to reach full performance potential. As a result, you can expect to use longer lengths of hose, benefit fully from a precise spray fan at the tip, and struggle with fewer operating and maintenance issues when using a Hennes-Johnson sprayer built with direct immersion design features.

Want to know more? For all your cold process spray needs, call Hennes-Johnson Equipment at 800-249-1349 to locate the professional and experienced Hennes-Johnson dealer nearest you. You can also view or download our current catalog in pdf format here.

As you can see, we're in the process of updating our website. Hopefully it will be up & running shortly.  Until then, feel free to contact us at 800-249-1349 with any questions you may have.

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